Photography by Belinda Mason

“I suffered from depression, it impacted me and my family, and I saw how I had to do something about not wanting to stay alone like that, not wanting to be invisible, not staying within four walls and to start living again and I started. A lot of friends I used to have, I don’t have anymore.

It was a shock to become a person who was independent and who looked after other people, to be suddenly completely dependent on other people. I eventually realised I needed to find whatever it was that had motivated me before, and find something different that was similar enough to motivate me. I’ve always had an interest in craft, in knitting and jewellery and when I began working on that again I became inspired with the stones… and the materials make me feel excited and alive again, and I’m now a lot more involved in things. My vision for the future is to do something together with other survivors. I feel that It is very important for survivors to be in contact with each other and not be isolated.

Finally, what I’d like to say to the whole world is to ‘’Say no to guns’’ because that is going to make the world better.”

– Sonia, Guatemala 2017