Photography by Belinda Mason

Scene #1 (0.00-00:33) 1st speaker**

‘The little that I can say to the guys that rape disabled is that I beg them to stop because it can be a curse on them. Even though they might think that the victim is handicapped or disabled. And if you discover that the person you raped is pregnant, it should be their responsibility to follow up on them to find out if there are any issues with the pregnancy. They may never know what outcome of the child being born will turn out to be. That’s the little I have to say. Thank you!


Scene 2 (00:34-01:36) 2nd and 3rd speaker**

I understand that anyone that to talk to about this, have something different to say…

{Third speaker explaining to 2nd speaker the question} (Based on what you said, what advise do you have to give to them? Some women carry bitterness in them; therefore, what advice being in their position, would you give to these women?)

‘What I want to say about female genital mutilation is that female mutilation is a bad thing that brings a lot of bitterness and pain to women. For instance, my own sister went through this experience with pain, bitterness and depression—which almost killed her if not for the help of God. I plead to the whole world to create awareness and take stride against nations or countries that carry out such inhumane activities.’


Scene 3 (01:37-end) 3rd Speaker**

‘The little that I have to say about the disabled population is that, if a person gives birth to a disabled person in the family, the family has to accept [the pregnancy] and come to terms with the individual. Accepting the person, comforting him/her and providing the support that they need, bring blessing and prosperity to the family. I plead to families that have disabled children or individuals, to send them to school and encourage them to do their best despite of their disabilities. Helping a disabled or handicapped individual releases God’s blessings upon the individual. That’s what I have to say.’

Barrier Free Living (BFL) Apartments opened in the summer of 2015 offering permanent homes with support services. BFL Apartments offer fifty family units for families with a disabled head of household who is a victim/survivor of domestic violence and seventy studio apartments for disabled victims/survivors of domestic violence, people with disabilities who are being diverted from possible nursing home placement and veterans with disabilities.